Exit Stopper

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Exit Stopper helps save a customer who is about to leave your store by offering a fun chance to win a discount or a free product.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I try this app before I buy it?
    • Yes! We offer a 10-day free trial that is immediately available upon installation.
Can I customize the wheel with my logo?
Of course – on the app’s main settings screen, you can add a logo in the center of the wheel and above the wheel in the General Settings section
Can I customize the messages that users will see?
Yes – we offer a high number of custom message options where you can enter anything that you would like. Your custom messages can also include basic HTML tags for further styling options.
Can I change the colors of the wheel to match my brand?
Yes – you can alter the following parts of the wheel to be any color you would like –

  • Background
  • Font
  • Bold text and button
  • Win section
  • Lose Section
That’s great, but what if I want to make each slice of the wheel a different color?
You can do that as well. In the Colors section, select the on/off switch for “Use special color for each slice” and you can customize each slice individually.
How often will the user land on a losing slice?
Never! Our wheel will always land on a winning slice.
What types of discounts are available to offer?
You can offer free products, or discounts based on a dollar or percentage amount that you choose. (Please note that you have to create the “FREE PRODUCT” in your Shopify store before you add it to the wheel in the settings.)
What are Discount Codes?
Discount Codes offer you the ability to offer your users a steeper discount to entice them to spin the wheel. You can customize these in the Discount Codes section, with more advanced options available by way of the Discounts option in the app’s admin panel.
What is the Progress Bar?
  • The Progress Bar makes the consumer think that there is only a handful of free gifts and discounts left, enticing them to put in their email address and spin the wheel.
I want the wheel to be available on desktop but not show up when a user is visiting on their mobile device - is this possible?
Yes – You have full control over which devices the wheel will show up on.
What advanced options are available?
  • Set the amount of days between the wheel showing up for a user
  • Use a pull-out tab on the side of the screen instead of automatically displaying the wheel
  • Limit the wheel to certain URLs that you can set individually
  • Automatically apply Discount Codes at checkout
What integrations do you offer?
We offer a few different integrations including Facebook Sharing, Mailchimp and Klaviyo.
My question was not answered, how can I reach you for further support?
You can reach us by e-mail ([email protected]) or by phone (410-776-7555).