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ConsignAble is an app for the Clover retail POS system. This app will increase the flexibility of the inventory module to support your needs for flexible margins “by vendor” and “by item”. You will be able to generate reports, create new items, and notify your vendors when their items have sold. The Premium Edition will also add support for your consignors to log in and manage their accounts.

Getting Started Video:

Migrating Existing Items to Consignable:

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?
We need two pieces of information to get started. Your default margin and what kind of rent you charge, if any. The app will ask you to provide this information the first time you start. The margin will be used to calculate the amount owed to your vendors?
What if I'm already started and have things in inventory in Clover?
That’s no problem. Simply add your consignors as vendors in ConsignAble. This will create new categories in your Clover register. Then open the Clover inventory app and simply move your items to the newly created categories using the bulk move tools already available in Clover. They will automatically sync with ConsignAble.
Why are my consignors called vendors?
Your consignors are vendors in the sense they provide product to sell in your store.
How does this app integrate with the Clover Register App?
When you add a vendor in ConsignAble, it will add a “Category” to the Clover register. As you add items to the vendor’s inventory, they are added to your store’s inventory and are assigned to that category. When you add a specific item, it will be added at a fixed price, and when you add a group item, it will be added as a variable priced item.
How do I label items in my store, that have been added via ConsignAble?
These items will work like any other item in your Clover inventory. Whatever method you are using currently will continue to work. If that’s printing bar codes, or stickers of some sort, it won’t matter to ConsignAble.
How do I sell something I've added via ConsignAble?
On your Clover station, open the register. Your vendors should be listed there as categories, along with “All items”. If you want to, do a search, or you can click on a vendor to see a list of just their items. If the item you are about to sell is miscellaneous, each vendor has a Variable priced item to cover that by default.
What happens if I need to return something, or pull it from inventory?
You can use ConsignAble to remove items from inventory or use the standard Clover inventory app. ConsignAble will stay synced with Clover.
What happens when I delete a vendor completely from ConsignAble?
Removing a vendor will remove all their items from Clover, as well as their associated category. Any sales that have occurred will remain in Clover’s transaction history.
What happens if one of my employees changes the categories or links built by ConsignAble?
Inside the ConsignAble interface, you can open the vendor that is having trouble. On the right side is a repair icon that will attempt to rebuild any needed links inside the Clover inventory tools. It will let you know what it was able to repair, but if sales have occurred while the Inventory links are broken, ConsignAble will not know.
Why can't I download this app?
ConsignAble is a web based app, which means it can only be opened in the web dashboard. ConsignAble does not need to be open during your day to day operations however, as it will collect all the information it needs directly from your Clover POS system.
Can I use ConsignAble with Clover Mini or Clover Mobile?
Yes, but not exclusively. Since ConsignAble is a web based app, the initial setup and configuration must be done from somewhere that can access your Clover web dashboard. This can be a PC or a Clover Station. Once the basic setup is completed though, it is compatible with the Clover Mini and Clover Mobile.
How can my vendors be notified when things are sold?
Once they have the invitation email and have setup a password, your vendor should be presented with a fairly simple web page. At the menu along the top, they can choose “Settings and Alerts”, then click on “Setup Alerts”. This tool is pretty straight forward, and they can configure how often they would like to get emails, daily, weekly or monthly.
What is Premium Edition?
The premium version offers several tools designed to help reduce the amount of time you spend each day managing your consignors. The goal here is automate some of the time you spend building reports, telling your consignor’s what’s been sold, and how much money they are due. Eventually this may expand to allow them help you manage the inventory in Clover.
Consignor Login
Yes, you can invite your consignors to log into their own version of ConsignAble. Once you give them an email address in ConsignAble, you can click a button to send them an email invite. The invite will contain a link to get them started setting up a password. Once inside, they can view any reports you have built for them, see recent sales, and manage their email notifications.
Self Management
Consignors can manage their contact information, keeping your store up to date and not wondering how to reach them. They can also manage their own notifications by subscribing to automatic updates when sales occur. This can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Automatic Reports
In settings, you can specify if you want weekly or monthly reports built automatically. These reports will be available to the consignors as soon as they are complete.