Clover Market


Use of App:

  1. Open the Reorder App.
  2. Turn on the application by switching the “On/Off” switch to the “On” position.
  3. Go to the Customers app and create or find a customer
  4. Click on “Start New Order” in customer details.

When processing a transaction:

  1. Make sure that you start an order by going to the Customers app and selecting a customer.
  2. Make sure that the customer selected has previous orders.
  3. If the customer selected has ordered any items in your inventory before, you will see a popup at the start of the order showing you the last 5 items that this customer has ordered.  These items will also show any modifiers that the customer had.


Why don't I see a popup when I start a new order?
There are a few reasons you might not see a popup for an order:

  1. You did not start the order from the “Customers” app
  2. The customer you selected didn’t have any previous orders or items (Please keep in mind, that custom items will not show up on the popup)
  3. You do not have the “On/Off” switch in the “On” position inside the Reorder app.
Can I see more than 5 items in the popup?
To keep the app from taking too long in retrieving the items that a customer has ordered in the past, we had to limit the popup to five items.  These five items are the latest five that the customer has ordered.
Other Questions or Comments
If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected]