Employee Reminder

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    • What is Employee Reminder?

      This App gives you the opportunity to set up messages that will popup on your Clover device throughout the day, these can be as part of the sale process or set for particular times of the day.

    • What are example situations in which I can use it?

      Want your employees to follow a particular script when serving customers, you can use cues to help you achieve this goal. Need your restrooms checked at particular times of the day, you can set up scheduled reminders with cues.

    • What pop up triggers can I use?

      1) As part of the sale: when a payment screen is being opened, or payment has been completed.

      2) Time triggered – custom messages set by you can popup on a scheduled basis.

    • I’ve downloaded the app, what next?

      Great! Now all you have to do is add cues for your staff!

      On the screen you should see a form for creating cues and a list of already added cues.

      From there you can Add new cues, delete or modify existing ones.

    • How do I set up a new trigger?

      1) Open the Employee Reminder app from your Clover Home Screen

      2) Select a Cue type – Clover event based or Time based

      3) Select either a specific Clover event or day and time at which the cue will popup

      4) Input the cue message to be displayed in the popup

      5) Hit Add cue!


    • I need help, how can I contact you?

    • Certainly, please send an email to [email protected]