Delivery Fee

Clover Market


  1. Once you have downloaded the “Delivery Fee” app you will need to open the app and add the custom amounts that you would like to charge for the delivery fee in the two green boxes.
  2. After you have adjusted the two amounts, please make sure to turn the app on with the “On/Off” switch at the top of the screen in the Delivery Fee app.
  3. The next time that you open the “Register” app, you should see a popup asking if the order is a delivery or not.  If it is not a delivery order, simply click on the “No” button.  If the order is for Delivery, simply click on one of the two pre-set amounts or use the third button to add a custom amount.
  4. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected].
When I open the “Register” app, I do not see a popup asking if the order is for delivery or not.
  1. Please open the “Delivery Fee” app and make sure that the “On/Off” switch is in the “On” position.
  2. When the App is running, you should see a very small “Delivery Fee” icon at the top left corner of your Clover devise.  If you do not see it, please contact us at [email protected].
I can see the small icon at the top left of my Clover devise, but there is no popup on some of my orders.
If you opened the “Register” app, but didn’t start an order and then exited the “Register” app, the next time you open the register app, it will bring you right back to that blank order.  You will not see the popup for the same order more than once.  Click the “Save” button at the bottom left of the screen on the “Register” app and you should now have a new order and see the “Delivery Fee” popup.