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  1. Open the Invoice app from your dashboard. (This app is optimized for the Google Chrome Browser)
  2. Go to the “Settings” tab and set up your company’s information, logo, invoice numbering and tax rate
  3. Click on the Clients tab on the left of the screen. (This will sync your customers from your Clover Customers app)
  4. Click on the Products tab on the left of the screen. (This will sync your Inventory from your Clover Inventory app)
  5. Click on the Invoices tab on the left of the screen:
    1. Click on Create new invoice
    2. Select a client from the drop down or search for a client from that drop down.
    3. Select the invoice date
    4. Select the invoice due date
    5. Select the inventory item, quantity and any possible discounts for the line item
    6. Click on “Create Invoice” on the bottom left of the screen
  6. To send the invoice to the client:
    1. Click on the “invoices” tab on the left of the screen
    2. Locate the invoice you would like to send
    3. The column which has a picture of an envelop allows you to email the invoice.

Or watch the video for a complete walk through:

I can't find the customer that I want to send an invoice to
This Invoice application uses the customers that you have on your Clover account.  Clover has an application called “Customers” and we sync these to the “Client” part of the Invoice app.  If you need to create or edit a customer, you must do so in the Clover Customers application and it will automatically sync with the Invoice app.
Can I use this app on a smart phone?
This application is currently optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.  We are working on ways to make the site mobile friendly, but at the moment, you must use a computer or a tablet to easily navigate the Invoice web app.
Do I need to sign up for any other processing service in order to get paid online?
One of the best features of this application is that it uses the Clover credit card processing service to accept the online payment, so there is NO NEED to sign up for any other account such as, Payeezy or others.