Delivery Driver

Clover Market


  1. Once you have downloaded the “Delivery Driver” app you will need to add the employees or drivers to your Clover account.  This can be accomplished in the “Employees” application.
  2. Once you have the employees in your Clover account, proceed to the “Settings” part of the Delivery Driver app.  This can be found on the top right corner, between Run Report and Help.
  3. In the Settings, select which Employee Roles your Drivers are under.  Then select the order types which would apply to a delivery.  Last, turn on or off the Default Fee Amount and set that amount.  Please keep in mind that the fee is the amount of money that you as the Merchant pays the driver per delivery.  This is NOT the fee that you charge the customer for the delivery.  Example:  If you pay your driver $1 for every delivery that they take, add $1 in the red box next to the on/off switch in the settings.  Then turn the on/off button to the On position.
  4. When you are assigning a driver to an order, open the “Delivery Driver” app and click “Assign Driver” (in red) next to the order which you are working with.
  5. If you need to change which driver should be tied to an order, simply open the app and click on the name of the driver assigned to the order that you are working with.  You will then have the option to change the driver or remove the driver from that order.
  6. To run a report, click on “Run Report” on the top right of the home screen in the Delivery Driver app.  Then select your date range, Tender Type, Type of Order and Driver.  The next step is to click on “Generate”.  If you are not using preset fees, you can add fees to the displayed orders by clicking the “Add Fees” button.
  7. Once you have generated a report, you can either cash out, print the report or add tips to each order.  To add tips, click on the order and then on the “Add Tip” button.  If you make any adjustments, please press the “Generate” button again to refresh the report
  8. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected].
I can't find the order to which I want to assign a driver.
  1. Make sure that you are in the “Delivery Driver” app and not in the “Orders” app.
  2. Make sure that all of the filters (such as “Date/Time”, “Amount/Tender”, “Status”, and “Drivers” is set to “All”.  You might have a filter which is blocking an order from showing up on the screen.
  3. Try using the Search bar at the top left corner of the Delivery Driver app.
How can I see how many orders were assigned to a driver, and how much money a driver owes?
Open the “Driver Assign” app and make sure that you have selected the correct filters for your search.  These filers will be “Date/Time”, “Amount/Tender”, “Status”, and “Drivers”.  The total count of orders and the total Amount will display at the top of the App.