Consignment Status Page

This page provides the status log of issues and updates:



  • New Feature: You (as the merchant) will need to do the following to allow a vendor to add their own inventory. In settings, go to the bottom and “Enable” Allow Vendor Inventory Control.  Once you’ve done this, you will need to go into each vendor’s details (or the ones that you want to have this capability), click on the blue circle with the Pencil in the middle and at the bottom right corner of that popup, you will need to Enable the Inventory Control toggle.


  • New Feature: We have launched a new feature that allows you to create a report for a specific vendor, for a specific date range.  Prior to this, you would need to run reports for all or all active vendors for a date range, but now you can run a report for just one.  In the web app, click on the “Vendors” box, select the vendor and then “History”.  You’ll see the instructions for using this, new feature.


  • New Feature: We have launched a new feature that allows you to move a sold item to a different vendor.  If you accidentally sold an item under a specific vendor, but need that sold item to be assigned to a different vendor, you now have the capability to do so.  To do this, access either the “Sales” report or go to a specific Vendor and click on History.  Once you find the item that needs to be moved, click on it.  You will see “More” as an option on that line item.  From there, you can either delete that sold item or reassign it.  Please keep in mind that this item that is sold and moved to a new vendor will not be changed in your Clover inventory, so if you accidentally created this item under the wrong vendor you will need to go into your Clover Inventory application and assign it to the correct Category/Vendor.
  • New Feature: We have launched a new feature that allows you to add a “Fee” to a Vendor’s account.  This new feature allows you to NAME this fee at the time that you record it.


  • Notification: There is a fix for an issue that was identified yesterday (12.16.20).  The Vendor reporting was not displaying all possible “Refunds/Returns” in the history.  Due to the update that lets the software run extra reports the following morning, some of the Refunds/Returns were put into the database, but not displayed under the vendor history due to the system assuming that these are duplicate transactions that have already been recorded and displayed to the vendors.  This has been resolved.


  • New Feature: For the Premium Addition merchants, we have launched a new feature for your Vendors.  When your vendors log into their portal, they can now run a real-time report to see what you (as the merchant) have in your inventory for that vendor.  Your vendors can export this information into Excel.  Please keep in mind that this is a brand new feature and may have a bug or two.


  • Notification: We are still investigating the duplication issue outlined below from 11/4/20.  An update will be posted within the next 24-48 hours once we have a final resolution to this issue.


  • Notification: We have been notified by two merchants that some sold items are not appearing in Consignment.  We are looking at the cause, but at first glance, it appears that this may be caused by the “Deduplication” update that was launched a few days ago.  Once again, no data has been lost.  It has to do with displaying items that may appear to be duplicates even though they may not be.  An update is scheduled for 11.5 or 11.6.


  • Important update: There was an update on 10/31/20 to start displaying the Clover Order ID next to each sold Item.  In this update, we implemented a function to deduplicate any entries.  UNFORTUNATELY, this function seems to have removed any “identical” Rent from displaying under a vendor.  The rent WAS NOT removed from the database, but simply wasn’t displaying on the reports on November 1st and 2nd.  We have resolved the issue, but the FIX will not show up until 11.3.20 on your reports.  If you’ve manually or automatically generated month end report on November 1st or 2nd, please know that these reports will be replaced in the system around 6AM on November 3rd.  The new reports will have the rent added back in.


  • Important update: We have added a new column in the History and Sales Details for your information.  This new column displays the Clover Order ID associated with that item in the reports.  You can now easily reference this line item within Clover using this Order ID.


  • There was a period between October 20th and the 25th which may have caused your access within the Consignment Application to run extremely slow.  This has been identified and fixed.  No data was lost.  Just a slow response time for some users.  We have increased the capacity of our servers by an additional 100% to resolve this issue moving forward.


  • Important update (Ongoing/Completed): Rebuilding data from September has been completed.  We have triple checked all orders against the Clover database and all data should now show up in your Consignment account.  If you discover any discrepancies, please let us know right away at [email protected]


  • Important update: Our software has had a fundamental change in functionality.  Along with an update on 10.7.20 to allow our software to automatically find inventory items that are created in the Clover Inventory App and post them to Consignment within 15 minutes, we have made additional adjustments to avoid issues that started to show up within the past few weeks.  The update that was implemented early this morning will now check all orders from the previous business day at 4AM EST on the new day.  What this means for you as the merchant is; during the regular business day, you may notice an order that happened in Clover didn’t show up in Consignment right away.  That missing order will show up in Consignment the next morning.  Why did we make this change? Due to the limitations on how many times and how often our application is allowed to reach out to Clover servers to get details for an order or inventory, there may be scenarios that do not allow us to get the data in real time (Example: five merchants process a sale all within the same few seconds).  If we can’t get the data right after the sale is made, that order sits in our database and waits until 4AM EST the next day to get the details from Clover servers.  Why do we wait until 4AM EST the next day?  At 4AM EST, it is officially a new day on the East Coast and West Coast.  Furthermore, very few (if any) new orders are generated by merchants at this time, so our software would not be blocked by Clover servers for making too many requests for information.


  • Ongoing: Rebuilding data for September of 2020 is 95% complete.  Expected 100% by Close of Business 10.9.20
  • Inventory can be created within the Consignment App (fix from issue on 10.6.20)
  • New Feature – Important: Inventory created in Clover (not in Consignment) will automatically show up within 15 minutes in Consignment.  There is now no need to run the Repair Tool to get that new item that was created in Clover to show up in Consignment


  • Ongoing: Rebuilding data for September of 2020 is 60% complete.  Expected 100% by Close of Business 10.6.20


  • Ongoing: Identified the issue and implementing a fix for the error that caused some of the September, 2020 sales data to not populate in the Consignment, merchant facing application

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will this page be updated?

We will attempt to update this page either once per day or whenever an issue or a resolution to an issue is available.  If there are no updates for new features or a known issue, there will not be a post on that date.


For the issue that caused some data to not display for September of 2020, will I need to re-run reports after the fix is in place?

Yes.  Once you see an update on this page (or the header in the home page of the Consignment App) saying that all data has been rebuilt, you will need to re-create your reports for vendors for the month of September 2020.  Any reports that are created before this notification may not contain all of the relevant sales data.


What happened with the September 2020 data and why is it taking so long to fix?

In the middle of August, Clover switched their servers.  Until then, everything was running as it should.  After the switch (but not until mid September), our software started to receive error messages from Clover servers.  These error messages didn’t remove any data, but they did limit how many times and how often our software could reach out to the new Clover servers.  After we made the necessary adjustments to comply with the limited number of requests to Clover servers, our software started to see a backlog of requests waiting to reach out.  As more data was collected, more and more requests needed to happen.  In late September we made a critical adjustment to try and limit the number of inquiries that our software makes to Clover so that there won’t be as much of a backlog of requests (essentially trying to speed up the process and performance).  This created a major issue and since then we have fixed the issue, but now have to manually pull the data for those days that the software didn’t pull.  We can only pull the data late at night.  The reason is that we need to pull tens of thousands of orders for the month of September and if we attempt to do so during regular business hours, it will negatively impact the data that is generated every second by merchants running transactions during normal business hours.